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Due to the sensitive nature of the group, ISD acts as the gateway manager, ensuring a ‘safe space’ for its members in the shape of an online hub. Within this hub, activists can discuss their proposals and their complaints in a safe, credible, and efficient way. As the network is designed to maintain the independence of its members, this is not a platform for government representatives. However, governments may consult the network, to discover the latest trends and innovations in CVE work. 


YouthCAN currently operates as a closed Facebook group with membership requests approved by administrators. As a closed group, its existence is open to the public, but the material posted by members remains private. This protects the efforts of participants from wider audiences, allowing for open dialogue and freedom of expression.  


If your interests intersect with YouthCAN’s ethos, please feel free to join the network. It can be found on Facebook by clicking here. Simply request to join and wait for your membership to be approved. If you are unknown to us we may be in contact to learn a little more about your work in this field.